Using discussion boards

Perhaps the most important part of your online learning is the contributions you make to discussions. It is through these online discussions with your peers that a lot of your learning takes place: this is where you discuss the readings, offer your opinions, ask questions and respond to other student’s views. While a tutor will often be available to respond to questions and offer ideas, they are not there to teach but rather to guide. Online discussions are designed to:

  1. Encourage critical analysis and debate of the course material.
  2. Provide you with experience in communicating in an online environment.

Access our help guides to find more information about how to use discussion boards in Blackboard. You can also use the notifications dashboard to stay on track with what’s happening in your unit.

In addition to your student email and online discussion areas within your Blackboard units, you may also communicate with staff and students through a number of other channels including social media.