Wireless internet on campus

The Curtin wireless network gives students the ability to connect to the internet using their user credentials. Wireless network connections are available across our Perth, Perth City, and Kalgoorlie campuses. Our wireless network uses industry standard authentication and encryption technology to provide a secure environment for you to connect your wi-fi enabled devices.

Setting up wi-fi

There are three wireless networks operating at Curtin: one for current students, one for visiting students, and one for staff. You must select the right network for your wi-fi to work.

If you're a:Network to use:Credentials to use:
Current Curtin studentstudent-curtinOASIS username and password
Visiting studenteduroamEduroam username and password
Eg: (ID)@(institution).edu.au

Download guides

Connecting to wi-fi using Windows 10 [.pdf 120KB]

Connecting to wi-fi using Mac OSx [.pdf 131KB]

Technical requirements

The Curtin wireless network is configured to use WPA2 for authentication and encryption, with Protected-PEAP (PEAP) with MSCHAPv2. Support for this security encryption is supported built-in for all major operating systems. For those operating systems that do not support PEAP-MSCHAPv2, there may be third-party client software available for purchase that meets the requirements – contact your local trusted IT specialist for more information.

Wi-fi account locked?

We recommend that you do not change your password using your wireless connection. This is because when you change your password via OASIS and the new password is updated to Curtin’s network, your wireless client will continue to use your old credentials to connect to the network, resulting in your wireless account being locked after a number of failed attempts.

Whenever you activate or change your password, you must always update your personal wireless devices.