Printing on campus

There are multi-function printers available across Curtin’s campuses, including in faculty computer labs, Abacus labs and our libraries.

Once you have sent a job to print, you can collect your print job from any printer across the campus. It must be printed within 48 hours.

Printing and photocopying costs

All printing and photocopying managed through Konica Minolta on campus will use the following charges


Black and White


A4/A3 single sided



A4/A3 double sided



How to print using a campus PC

  1. Select print in the menu of the application you are using
  2. Select the 'Black' or 'Colour' printer option
  3. Adjust printing settings where required (duplex/single sided/stapling etc.)
  4. Click print and wait for the YSoft SafeQ print pop up to confirm your document has been sent to the printer.

Documents not printing

There are many reasons why a document may fail to print, but the most common reasons are:

  • Length of the file name: Try to keep your file name under 50-characters when saving.
  • Type of document: Although every attempt has been made to support most popular file formats (e.g. email messages, word, excel, powerpoint, pdf and image files (jpeg and tiff), we cannot guarantee all document types will be supported.

  • Size of document: Documents over 5MB may be too large for email. Try to keep your documents as small as possible before emailing.