Internet, computers and printing

Printing on campus

Learn how to print and photocopy on campus, and recharge using your Curtin Student ID Card.

How to print on campus

Wireless internet on campus

As a Curtin student you can connect to wi-fi all over our Perth and Kalgoorlie campuses, as well as some other university campuses.

How to connect to wi-fi

Computer labs

  • Abacus labs
    Abacus labs are three large computer labs on the Perth Campus that are open to all Curtin students. Each one has an IT helpdesk. See Abacus Labs opening times, locations and facilities.
  • Perth Campus Library computer labs
    Computers can be found in each library location.
  • Faculty computer labs
    There’s a range of computer labs within individual faculties and schools. Contact Curtin Connect for more information.
  • Kalgoorlie Campus computer labs
    The Kalgoorlie campus hosts two computer labs, and there are also computers in the library.

Accessing Curtin drives and systems from off-campus

Some systems and drives can’t be accessed from outside the Curtin network. Here’s how to connect to them from off-campus.

How to access Curtin systems via VPN

How to access your student network drive using FTP