Plan Your Timetable application help

Plan Your Timetable allows you to view class timetabling options for individual units and plan a potential timetable for different combinations of units for any study period for which you can register. Plan your timetable will not register you into classes – you’ll need to do that in eStudent, via OASIS.

Plan Your Timetable doesn’t have data on how many people have registered for a class in eStudent, so keep in mind that the class you’ve planned for may be full when you register.

By clicking on the Plan Your Timetable link from the Unit Outlines channel in OASIS, the Plan Your Timetable application will open in a new window.

When are timetables published?

The semester 1 final timetable will be published around October 31 in the preceding year (you will be sent a specific date by OCC prior to this date).

The semester 2 final timetable will be published around May 31 in the current year (you will be sent a specific date by OCC prior to this date).

What if my location isn't showing?

Plan Your Timetable currently only allows for units offered at Bentley, Kalgoorlie, and Perth City campuses to be planned.

What if my study period isn't showing?

Plan Your Timetable currently only allows for units offered in study periods for which you can register to be planned.

How do I search using unit code or title?

To filter your search by unit code or title, enter a partial or complete unit code or unit title into the Unit Code or Title field. The search results will be filtered to allow only those units that match the search.

What if my enrolled units don't populate?

If your enrolled units don’t automatically populate when accessing Plan Your Timetable from OASIS it is important that you check your enrolment in eStudent. Click on the eStudent link from the My Studies tab, then Enrolment & Study Plans and Current Enrolment Details. This is a reflection of your current enrolment; if the enrolment appears to be incorrect it is important to contact your Faculty Student Services Office immediately.

If the enrolment is displayed correctly and your units don’t populate please submit a Plan Your Timetable – web support form by clicking on the Contact us button from within the Plan Your Timetable application.

If you are currently enrolled, your enrolled units (as displayed in the Unit Outlines channel) will automatically populate in the Selected Units field. To see the timetabling options for the selected units click on the View timetable for these units button in the bottom right corner.

Selected units can be removed from the Selected Units list by highlighting the unit and clicking the < Remove Unit button. A search for units can also be done and added to the list of Selected Units by performing a search, highlighting the desired unit and clicking the Add Unit > button (Comprehensive Plan Your Timetable help can be found in the Plan Your Timetable User Guide from the top right hand corner of the Plan Your Timetable window).

Screenshot of the 'plan your timetable' window