Navigating through OASIS

Screenshot of OASIS screen


Tabs are used to group related channels together. Clicking on a tab will take you to a new OASIS screen containing channels specific to that tab.


Channels are self-contained areas of functionality and content within tabs and their associated screens. OASIS has many channels, including:

Official Communications and Alerts

Official University correspondence sent to you via OASIS is delivered to the Communications Centre which is accessible by clicking the speech bubble in the top right corner. Not to be confused with Student Email, Official Communications are part of a separate electronic message system designed to replace official letters traditionally sent by post to students.

Messages sent by OCC cannot be deleted and it is a condition of enrolment that all Curtin students check their OCC at least weekly. Curtin monitors if and when students read their official communications.

Unit Outlines

The Unit Outlines channel (accessible through My Studies) displays all the units in which you are currently enrolled in and allows you to plan your timetable. Unit information displayed in this channel may take 24 hours or more to update from eStudent. For up-to-date enrolment details, please check eStudent.

If a unit outline is available, a link will appear in the “Outline” column. These will only be accessible to computers connected to Curtin’s network (lab computers, for example).

The Handbook links under the heading “Handbook” take you to Curtin online handbook entry for the unit.
Where Reserve Items appears under the heading “Library” you can click the link to go direct to the Library catalogue and see all items in the Library’s eReserve which relate to the unit.


The Sanctions channel (accessible through My Studies) advises if you have a sanction on your student record. A sanction is a warning that is applied to a student’s record to alert staff and the student to outstanding requirements, such as non-payment of fees or charges, that may prevent the student from accessing results, re-enrolling or graduating.

Each sanction on the Sanctions channel will explain what you need to do in order to remove it from your record. For example, paying an outstanding fee will lift a fee-related sanction within 24 hours (Processing of payments may take up to three days).


eVALUate has two online surveys which allow you to report your perception of your units and teaching staff. At the end of your study period, you’ll be prompted via the official communication channel (OCC) in OASIS to complete eVALUate. Follow the instructions in the OCC to submit your feedback.

Quick Forms

The Quick Forms channel (accessible through My Studies) allows you to print student administration forms with your current recorded personal and course details already filled in. Once the Quick Form has been printed you will be required to fill out any additional information and submit the form to the appropriate contact office.

If you can’t find a form in Quick Forms, try student forms and documents or forms for research students.

If you notice that your address or phone details are incorrect you will need to update them in eStudent.

Ask Curtin

Ask Curtin (accessible through the OASIS Welcome page) is a university-wide FAQ database containing extensive Student Administration FAQs. There are two separate versions of Ask Curtin: Ask Curtin for future students & visitors, and Ask Curtin for current Curtin students. Both are accessible through OASIS.

Logging out of OASIS

To log out of OASIS, click on Logout in the top right-hand corner of any OASIS page. Remember, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your OASIS session. Never leave your computer terminal unattended and accessible to others while logged in to OASIS.