OASIS help

OASIS stands for Online Access to Student Information Services – a secure web portal provided to all Curtin students.

It is a condition of your enrolment to access OASIS at least once a week to read messages from the Official Communications Channel (OCC). If you are unable to access OASIS at least weekly, you can apply for an eExemption. eExemptions are approved only in exceptional circumstances where clear evidence of a genuine inability to access OASIS on at least a weekly basis is provided.

Accessing OASIS

To access OASIS, go to oasis.curtin.edu.au and log in.

When do I get access to OASIS?

Once you are offered a place in an award course at Curtin you will automatically have access to OASIS and its core services. Additional services will be made available to you through OASIS when you enrol, or as you progress your studies at Curtin.

When do I lose access to OASIS?

Once you have an OASIS account, you retain that account for life. If you are terminated from your course, withdraw or defer, you will lose access to your email account as well as some functions within OASIS after 45 days. If you complete your studies at Curtin, you continue to have access to your email for life. If you take a leave of absence, you will continue to have access to OASIS and your email account over your period of leave.

If you are about to lose access to OASIS, make sure you:

  • Save your emails
  • Save your email contacts
  • Save important official communications
  • Save your results from eStudent, such as your Academic eRecord.

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