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In this tab you are able to view and print any results that have been published for any course of study you are or have been enrolled in at Curtin University. You may have more than one listed.

Select View next to the appropriate course to view your results.

Individual assessment marks are available in BlackBoard.

Results are available after the results publication dates on the academic calendar.

Understanding academic status

Your academic status is based upon your academic performance and is determined at the end of each study period by the Board of Examiners. There are three academic status levels.

Good Standing

This means you are achieving satisfactory results and you can continue your course and re‑enrol. Students on a status of Good Standing have a semester weighted average (SWA) of 50 or higher and pass more than 50% of enrolled units each study period.


A Conditional status means you are at risk of not achieving satisfactory course progress. You are permitted to re-enrol but may be subject to conditions which are determined by the Head of School or Student Progress Appeals Committee. The conditions are to help you improve your academic progress.


A Terminated status means you are not achieving satisfactory course progress and have been terminated from your course.

You are not permitted to re-enrol in your course.

You can:

You can find further information in the Assessment and Student Progression Manual.

Copies of your results

To print or save a copy of your results as an Academic eRecord, click Email Academic eRecord. Your Academic eRecord will be sent to your student email address in PDF format, which you can then print.

You can also order an official copy of your Academic Transcript.  See official student documents to find out more.