My Enrolment

Within the My Enrolment tab you can:

  • View your current enrolment details
  • Email a PDF copy of your student email to your student email
  • Enrol in units
  • Withdraw from units
  • View any requisite waivers you have been granted.

Current enrolment details

Your current enrolment shows the units that you are enrolled in for your chosen study plan for the current academic year.

If you are enrolled in a unit at census date you will be liable for fees and the unit will show on your Academic Transcript.

If the unit does not appear in your current enrolment details, you are not enrolled.

Select Email my Enrolment Advice to send a PDF copy to your student email.  If you have registered for classes your enrolment advice will contain your timetable information.

Enrol in units

Enrolment is the process where you select the units you want to study in a particular study period.  Depending on the study plan and enrolment advice for your specific course you may enrol in the following types of units:

  • Core units – these are compulsory units for your course or major. If you do not enrol in and pass these units, you cannot complete your enrolled course.
  • Optional units – these are units intended for your selected course or major. You will be required to enrol in and pass a selection of these units, the choice of which is up to you.
  • Elective units– these are units that can be from any school or department as long as the requisites have been met. It is recommended that you select units relevant to your course.
  • Alternate core units– Alternate units are a special type of core unit. Your study plan will already have a unit listed as a core unit or you can select the alternate unit.

For instructions on how to enrol refer to unit enrolment help.

Unit withdrawal

Before you withdraw from a unit it is important that you consider your decision carefully and refer to the guide for withdrawing for guidance and support.

If the unit you withdraw from has one or more co-requisite units you will automatically be withdrawn from those as well.

To withdraw:

  • Click the checkbox next to the unit you want to withdraw from and then click Continue.
  • Check the withdraw information and then click Withdraw
  • If your withdrawal is successful a green tick will be displayed.
  • Then click Withdraw from another unit to continue or View enrolled units to check your enrolment.

If you are withdrawing from all of your units you may also need to withdraw from your course or apply for a leave of absence.

After you have successfully withdrawn from a unit you can confirm your enrolment on the current enrolment page and email your enrolment advice for your records. If you have withdrawn from all your units you will not be able to email your enrolment advice.

Requisite waiver

A waiver can be recorded on your record to allow you to enrol in a unit when the prerequisite has not been studied.

To apply for a requisite waiver speak to your unit coordinator or for support and assistance contact Curtin Connect.

Other things you may need to know:

Enrolment Advice

Your Enrolment Advice is a document that you can generate to show the units you are enrolled in, as well as the dates and times your classes run.

To generate your Enrolment Advice:

1. Log into OASIS

2. Click on the My Studies tab

3. Click on eStudent

4. Click on the My Enrolment tab

5. Click on Email my Enrolment Advice

This will send a copy of your Enrolment Advice to your Curtin student email account.


Only units that you are currently enrolled in will appear on this document. Future units that you are yet to enrol in, as well as units that are now complete, will be excluded.