Blackboard help

Blackboard is Curtin’s learning management system. To access Blackboard, go to the My Studies tab in OASIS, then click the Blackboard button in the Important Links channel at the top left of the screen.

This section provides comprehensive guides about all of the online tools and functionality which you may encounter in Blackboard while studying at Curtin.

Working with Blackboard tools


You can easily send email to your lecturer, tutor or other students in your class.


Stay on track with what’s happening in your unit.


Journals are private online spaces where you can post reflections on your work, or on set topics.

Discussion boards

Discussion boards are a great way to keep in touch with your the rest of your class.

Wikis – Blackboard

Wikis are collaborative online writing spaces shared by the whole class.


Blogs are online spaces where you can post individual blog entries and the rest of the class can read and comment on your posts.

Assignments, My Grades, Quizzes

Assessments on Blackboard

Find out how to submit your assignments electronically through Blackboard .

Online tests, quizzes and surveys

Some online units may contain eTests and quizzes.

Group assignments

If your lecturer has set up group assignments, one member of the group can submit the assignment on behalf of all the members.

My Grades

Use the My Grades tool to access your results and feedback from your lecturer.

Collaborating in groups

Work in groups

If your lecturer has enabled groups and group tools, you may have access to group email, discussion boards and the ability to exchange files.

View guide
Work in groups
Group assignments

Group tools

If you lecturer has enabled groups and group tools, you can email your group or exchange files within it.

View all group tools
Email a group
Exchange files within a group

Customise your group homepage

You can customise the group banner, add modules and change the group colour scheme.

Customise your group homepage

Why aren't my units in Blackboard?

If a unit isn’t appearing in Blackboard it is usually for one of the following reasons:

You cannot view your current units

  1. Go to the “Home” page/tab and on the “My Units” module, hover then click the gear icon in the top right corner.
    My Units
    View sample image
  2. The “Group by Term” check box allows you to group your units by each semester/term. The units will be categorized by their respective semesters/terms.
  3. Under “Edit Course List” you can manually set which units will be displayed, what information will be displayed for each unit, and what order the units are in.
  4. Once you have finished, click Submit.

The unit does not have an online component

Not all units have an online component. Check your Unit Outline to confirm whether your unit should appear in Blackboard.

The unit has not been made available

Units are usually made available in Blackboard 7 days prior to the first day of the study period. However, your Lecturer may choose a different start date. If you have concerns that you are unable to see your Unit, please contact your lecturer.

Your enrolment details are incorrect

If you are incorrectly enrolled in a unit, you will not see the unit in Blackboard. To check your current enrolment:

  1. Open eStudent (click on the eStudent button on the My Studies tab in OASIS).
  2. Click Enrolment & Study Plans in the left hand menu. A sub menu will open.
  3. Click Current Enrolment Details in the sub menu.
  4. The units you are enrolled it will now be displayed. If your enrolment is incorrect, please contact Curtin Connect.

Blackboard tour

Check out the orientation video below to see how to login and access your online units. The video showcases what a typical Blackboard unit may look like.