Master of Research

The Master of Research is a unique Higher Degree by Research (HDR) program at Curtin, which means some information relevant to other HDR students will not apply to MRes students. The rules and processes which are unique to MRes students are set out below.


All HDR students are required to meet three Milestones during their enrolment. The standard requirements for each Milestone are different for students completed a Masters of Research (MRes) in recognition of the Honours work already completed. The Milestone requirements for MRes students are set out below.

Milestone 1 (Candidacy)

The requirements of entry into the Master of Research program are equivalent to the successful completion of Milestone 1, therefore your candidacy is automatically approved upon entry into the course. You will be requested to complete a shortened Milestone 1 Supplementary Application form upon enrolment.

Milestone 2 (Mid-Candidacy Review)

You will need to complete the MRes Milestone 2 (Mid-Candidacy Review) form. This will include details of your completion and dissemination plan.  The plan may be in oral format, written format, or a combination of both. The requirements for the plan will differ between Schools so please contact your Director of Graduate Research (DGR) for clarification if required.

Once you have completed the form and met the requirements of your School, forward the form to your School’s DGR who will complete their section and lodge the outcome with the Graduate Research School (GRS). You will receive notification of the outcome of your application for Milestone 2 from the GRS.

Milestone 3 (Pre-Submission)

As you approach thesis submission you will need to complete Milestone 3. This requires you to complete the Milestone 3 form and give an oral presentation on the findings of your research. This presentation will be scheduled within your School.

Once you have completed the student section of the Milestone 3 form please forward the form to your School’s DGR who will complete their section and lodge the outcome with the Graduate Research School. You will receive notification of the outcome of your application for Milestone 3 from the GRS.

Resources and Funding

Computing resources and access to facilities are arranged by your School. You should contact your School administration office or the Director of Graduate Research of your School for further information.

As a Master of Research student you are not eligible for Research Support Funds or GRS supported conference travel.

Upon successful completion of Milestone 3 you will have access to $750 Research Support Funds. This is intended to assist with thesis production and associated costs.

MRes Stipend Scholarship

If you have been awarded a Master of Research (MRes) Stipend Scholarship it is important that you carefully read the associated Conditions of Award.

The scholarship includes two components: The fee offset component and the stipend scholarship component.

Fee Offset Scholarship

As a domestic student you have been awarded an Australian Government fee offset scholarship which covers the tuition fees for the course. This fee offset is for a maximum of one-year duration.

Stipend Scholarship

The stipend scholarship is a living allowance paid to you during your enrolment for a maximum of 8 months. No internal extensions to the duration of this component are available. The stipend is available for full-time enrolment, which is paid fortnightly and is not taxable.

Enquiries regarding your scholarship can be directed to the Graduate Research School at

Ethics, Research Integrity and Data Management

Ethics and Safety Approvals

You will need to work with your supervisor to identify whether the expansion of your Honours project into a Masters project will require new or additional ethics or hazard approvals. The Research Integrity Office manages these approvals and provides the Hazard Identification Tool (HIT) to help you determine whether you need to apply for any ethics or safety approvals.

Data Management

You will need to create a plan for the management of the data you collect as part of your research, which will address both the collection of your data and storage of that data. For further information see the Library’s Research Data Management webpage. The University provides the Research Data Management Planning Tool to assist you in creating your plan and to access the University’s data storage facilities.

Exiting the MRes

Once you have enrolled in the MRes course, your Honours degree has a status of ‘Converted’. However, you can still obtain your Honours degree if you choose to exit the MRes early by applying to receive the Honours as an Intermediate Award. Please note there is an administrative fee (approx $235 in 2019) associated with obtaining an intermediate award.

If you wish to exit the MRes early and pursue this option please contact the Graduate Research Schoool at for further guidance.

Upgrading to a PhD

There are two avenues available for a Master of Research student to move into a PhD. In either case the MRes Stipend Scholarship cannot be transferred to a PhD or other program.

The standard pathway to PhD enrolment is to complete your Master of Research and apply for admission to the PhD course in the usual manner. In this scenario you will have the full time of 4 years full time equivalent available to complete the PhD.

The second option is to withdraw from your MRes program, obtain your Honours degree as an intermediate award as detailed in the Exiting the MRes section above, and then apply for PhD entry on the basis of your Honours qualification. If your PhD project continues a similar thematic research path to your MRes project then the time you have already been enrolled in your MRes will be deducted from the time your have available to complete the PhD.

Further Information

You may find some of the general information provided for HDR students useful. You can browse the GRS website for further information. Suggested pages include: