Faculty of Business and Law

Higher Degree by Research Hubs

The Faculty of Business and Law HDR Hubs are fully equipped facilities designed to foster a supportive and collaborative research environment for our higher degree by research (HDR) students. The Hubs consist of working areas, printing areas, meeting rooms and a common room. They are equipped with fast Wi-Fi connectivity, multifunction copying and printing services and storage lockers.


The Hubs are located at Enterprise Unit 4 (E4), DeLaeter Way, Technology Park (see map below) and Level 1, Building 407 (access from outside the building, opposite carpark) on the Perth campus and both are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Map to E4 Hub Technology Park [.pdf 120kB]

Hub access

If you’re a Business and Law student you can apply for general access to the Hub, which will allow you to use most of the common facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you’re based overseas, interstate or regional and you plan to visit the Perth campus, you can apply for general access to the Hub for the duration of your visit.

To apply for access, email Jenny.Goodison@curtin.edu.au

Hot desks

Workspaces in the Higher Degree by Research Hubs are available to all Business and Law HDR students on a hot desk basis only. No workspace is allocated for the exclusive use of an individual student. All workspaces are available on a first come, first served basis.

Students can’t reserve space in these areas, and they can’t leave their belongings on a hot desk in order to ‘claim’ a space for extended periods, beyond taking reasonable short breaks.

Computers are also available in both buildings, or if you prefer to work only on a laptop a second monitor is available.

Finishing rooms

Enterprise Unit 4 (E4) have Finishing Rooms available to students in their last 7 months of study, this is available on a first come first served basis. This is a shared room with a computer and desk, and you do not need to pack your belongings away at the end of the day.

You are required to vacate the room on submission of your PhD/Master’s thesis unless previous arrangements have been made.


A laptop is provided to full-time HDR PhD and Masters Students. Please email Jenny.Goodison@curtin.edu.au for an appointment.

Printing facilities

Free printing is available to all HDR students within the Faculty. Please email Jenny.Goodison@curtin.edu.au to register.

Storage lockers

The Faculty of Business and Law provides individually lockable storage units so you can store your study materials securely. Be aware that although the lockers are near the hot desks, the location of the locker doesn’t entitle the occupant of that storage space to the nearest hot desk.

Locker Guidelines

  • Once you’ve submitted your thesis you should vacate the storage space
  • If you no longer need your locker please leave it open
  • An allocated storage space must be used on a regular basis. Storage not used on a regular basis will be allocated to someone else
  • It is your responsibility to keep your locker locked
  • Please don’t write on the lockers or place stickers on them
  • All food items must be kept in the cupboards in the common room

To apply for a storage locker or to report know of any problems with them, contact Jenny.Goodison@curtin.edu.au.

Meeting rooms

There are two bookable meeting rooms in the Hubs:

  • EU4 is a bookable meeting room with seating for 30, with teleconference and projection equipment
  • Level 1 in building 407 with seating for 8, with no teleconference and video-conferencing equipment

The two meeting rooms are available to all Hub users. Both meeting rooms can also be accessed casually whenever they are free, as long the room is vacated for bookings. These meeting rooms are not intended for solo work or primarily social activities, and work related use will take precedence over casual users.

Bookings are managed through Jenny Goodison Jenny.Goodison@curtin.edu.au

Common room

Each Hub location contains a common room for the use of Business and Law HDR students and staff. The area is equipped with:

  • Microwave
  • Fridges
  • Sandwich maker
  • Kitchen table and chairs
  • Storage cupboards for food
  • Tea, coffee and powdered milk (supplied by the Faculty for student use)

All regular users of the Hub are expected to keep the area clean.

The common room cannot be booked for functions/events except at the discretion of the Faculty. Please email Jenny.Goodison@curtin.edu.au for enquiries.

Business cards

For those students who are wishing to have a Curtin business card please contact Jenny.Goodison@curtin.edu.au.


The hot desk areas within the Hub are scholarly work areas, and we ask that you respect the quiet working environment. These dedicated workrooms are mobile-free zones. Noise levels in these areas should be kept to a reasonable minimum, and everyone should ensure that non-work activities are conducted in such a manner and in such locations as to prevent disturbance to anyone else.

While scholarly progress is often favoured by a degree of peace and quiet, people do sometimes make noise when they get together and collaborate. As a general matter of mutual respect, requests to keep it down or take it elsewhere should be made without rancour, and honoured with good grace.

In contrast, the meeting and common rooms are intended for group discussion and creative interaction. Users should still ensure they do not interfere with the productivity of colleagues in other areas of the Hub.

Curtin takes personal safety and wellbeing very seriously and has a zero tolerance policy for violence, harassment and discrimination. Everyone has a right to feel safe in the Hub. All of the policies, laws and regulations that apply generally on campus apply within the Hub as well. Failure to observe these, as well as egregious or repeated breaches of common courtesy, will result in exclusion from access to the Hub.

Contact details

In case any issues arise please contact the responsible areas directly.

ProblemArea ResponsibleContact
PrintersCITSext 9000
LaptopsCITSext 9000
Paper for printersJenny GoodisonJenny.Goodison@curtin.edu.au
Docking stationsJenny GoodisonJenny.Goodison@curtin.edu.au
LockersJenny GoodisonJenny.Goodison@curtin.edu.au
Maintenance problems, such as: short circuiting of electricity, flickering lights, air conditioning, plumbing issues, etc.Jenny GoodisonJenny.Goodison@curtin.edu.au
After hours maintenanceSafter Community Teamext 4444
Problems with insects/pests, microwaves, fridges, etc.Jenny GoodisonJenny.Goodison@curtin.edu.au