Apply for radiation project approval

Before starting any work involving radioactive substances, high powered lasers (class 3B or 4), x-ray or neutron emitting apparatus or UV transilluminators, you must have approval from the Radiation Safety Officer or Committee. If your supervisor already has approval to cover your work, they can apply for an amendment to add your name to their project. If not, you must start a new application.

To apply, log into InfoEd using your Curtin credentials, create a new record, and go through the process for “InfoEd Radiation Project UserGuide – Create New Application”.

Note for students: In the Chief Investigator screen you must delete your name and add your supervisor’s name. Add yourself as co-investigator and click save to be able to go back into the system and see the form. If you are a staff member but submitting as a student make sure you use your student credentials.

The application will be reviewed by:

  1. The Chief investigator for the project
  2. The Radiation licence holder(s) for the substances or equipment
  3. The local Radiation Safety Supervisor (or, if this role is vacant, the Head of School)

After review, the University Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) will triage your application as either Low-Risk or High-Risk. Low-Risk applications will be processed by the University RSO, whereas High-Risk applications will be assessed by the Radiation Safety Committee.