Exporting controlled goods and technologies

Controlled goods and technologies are listed on the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL). This list includes the controlled goods and technologies that require a permit to export under the Defence Trade Controls Act. This list is available through the Defence Export Controls Office and includes:

Part 1: Defence and Related Goods
Goods and technologies designed or adapted for military purposes or those that are inherently lethal, incapacitating or destructive.

Part 2: Dual Use
Commercial items and technologies that may be used or adapted for use in a military program, for the development or production of a military system or weapons of mass destruction, or contribute to the development and production of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

Australian legislation controls the export of controlled goods and technologies under two Acts:

  • Customs Act 1901 (Cth) controls tangible goods.
  • Defence Trade Control Act 2012 (DTCA) controls intangible goods.

What are tangible exports?

Tangible exports are controlled goods and technology that leave Australia in the tangible (physical) form. This may include blueprints, plans, technical data etc., and includes controlled technology stored on a physical medium such as a USB, computer hard drive, CD, etc.

What are intangible goods?

Intangible exports are controlled technology that is sent from Australia electronically rather than in a physical form. This may include supply via email, fax, password access to electronic files, etc.

Intangible supply also includes brokering. Brokering is when one person arranges the supply of goods listed in the DSGL or supply of DSGL technology to a place outside of Australia.

Intangible supply also refers to publishing. This is where a person publishes or disseminates DSGL technology to the public by electronic or other means.

Training and support

To determine if you need a permit, or if you need further information on the DTCA, please contact:

Dr Bernadette Bradley
Phone: +61 8 9266 1383
Email: HazardousMaterials@curtin.edu.au

Training is available through the Defence Export Controls Awareness Training Program.