Chemical safety

Chemicals and substances that have the potential to harm human health, property or the environment are regulated in the workplace. Learn more about managing chemicals at Curtin.

Before conducting research or teaching activities at Curtin, you must identify the hazards inherent in your work, document your safety protocols in a written risk assessment, and seek any approvals you need from Curtin or Government regulatory bodies. The Research Initiation Guide for hazardous materials will help you identify the hazards that you may be working with.

Chemical Safety Committee

Curtin’s Chemical Committee provides advice to the University about the regulation of hazardous substances, dangerous goods and poisons used in research and teaching activities. The committee consists of representatives from each faculty Health and Safety Committee, as well as advisors from Health, Safety and Emergency Management and the Research Office at Curtin.

Please contact the Hazardous Materials Office with any inquiries for the Chemical Safety Committee: