Quarantined materials and biosecurity

Biosecurity (quarantine) is a critical part of the government’s efforts to prevent, respond to and recover from pests and diseases that threaten the economy and environment.

If you want to import biological materials or soil/sand/rock from overseas or interstate, they will be subject to quarantine regulation.

How do I import biological materials or soil/sand/rock into Curtin?

There are two levels of quarantine that apply to Western Australia:

You might need import permits from both Federal and State quarantine, or you might just need a Federal quarantine import permit, or you might not need any permits at all.

Follow the steps below to figure out which kinds of permit(s) you need to apply for, and contact the biosafety advisor for assistance.

To import from overseas:

Step 1: Search the Department of Agriculture BICON database for Federal quarantine import requirements.

Step 2: Read the import conditions for your commodity to figure out if you need to apply for an Import Permit. If you don’t require an Import Permit then just follow the import conditions.

Step 3: If you do require an Import Permit then you must register (top right of the BICON webpage) to join the existing Curtin multiple user account. The Organisation Name is “Curtin University” and the Account Administrator’s Email is “bernadette.bradley@curtin.edu.au”.

Step 4: Once you’ve been confirmed as a user, you can apply for an Import Permit. You’ll need a credit card. Sometimes you may need to bring the materials into a Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP) – ask your lab manager and/or contact the biosafety advisor for assistance to either get access to a QAP or to get the approval for your own lab.

Western Australian quarantine:

Step 1: Search the WA Organisms List to find the legal status of the organism you want to import. If it’s listed, you’ll be able to see any control requirements required. If it’s unlisted or requires a permit then you’ll need to apply for an Import Permit.

Step 2. Check the Import Requirements associated with the organism. Fulfil all the listed requirements.

If you need more information, call Quarantine WA on +61 8 9334 1800. Curtin’s Biosafety Advisor may also be able to assist you.

Legislation governing the use of quarantined materials in Australia

There are several Federal and State Acts of law that cover quarantine, and it’s illegal to import any biological material without adhering to all the Guidelines and Regulations associated with those Acts.

The key legislation is the:

These Acts are administered by the: