Applying for animal research ethics approval

Before applying for approval, you must complete the SOL Research Integrity Professional Development Program. Students can access this via Blackboard, and staff can access this via iPerform.

Application process

Animal research is divided into three categories:

  • Observational studies
  • Teaching studies
  • Research studies

Observational studies

Studies are considered observational where animals are studied in their natural habitat.

Studies are not considered observational if:

  • Animals are taken out of their natural habitat even for a short period of time.
  • Animals are to be trapped.
  • Animals are baited to observe behaviour.
  • The animals’ natural habitat is disturbed.
  • Animals are approached in a manner that may induce stress to the animal.

If your study is an observational study you need to complete the Observational Study Ethics Application form in InfoEd.

Teaching studies

Teaching studies are considered as any action or group of actions undertaken with the aim of achieving a scientific purpose, where the scientific purpose is imparting or demonstrating knowledge or techniques to achieve an educational outcome in science, as specified in the relevant curriculum or competency requirements.

If your study is a teaching study you need to complete the Research/Teaching Ethics Application form in InfoEd.

Research studies

Research is an original investigation undertaken to gain knowledge, understanding and insight, other than teaching or observational studies.

If your study is a research study you need to complete the Research/Teaching Ethics Application form in InfoEd.

Application deadlines

Please refer to the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) meeting dates for information about application deadlines:

AEC Meeting Dates 2021 [.pdf 23KB]