Research ethics and safety

If your research involves humans, animals, the collection or use of confidential information, potentially dangerous equipment or substances, or research with other ethical implications, you must follow Curtin’s ethical and safety requirements as well as the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research on the National Health and Medical Research Council website.

Hazard Identification Tool

Curtin’s Hazard Identification Tool (HIT) will help you identify any chemicals, radiation, biological and environmental hazards associated with your research. After you’ve completed the HIT, you’ll receive an automated email about any approvals you need to seek from Curtin or Government regulatory bodies before you can begin work, as well as advice about the appropriate controls for your risk assessment.

Open the hazard identification tool

Health and safety risk assessment

You must complete a risk assessment for all research, including research that doesn’t involve hazardous materials. This ensures that you identify the hazards associated with your research and that appropriate controls are put in place. If your research is classed as fieldwork education please complete the on/off campus fieldwork documentation. For assistance with completing the forms, email

Research ethics and safety requirements

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