Annual Progress Reports

Annual Progress Reports (APR) enable you and your Thesis Committee to assess the progress of your research project and plan the next stage of your research. They are also the means by which you justify to the University the continuation of your research project and your continued enrolment.

Your APR, submitted online, is a questionnaire-style report to which you must also attach a one-page summary of your progress. You may also submit a document, in confidence, detailing any concerns that you may have regarding your candidacy. Your supervisor is also required to fill out a similar summary of your progress.

The APR is one of a number of avenues available to raise any concerns you might have about the level and standard of your supervision, or your ability to complete your research project according to plan. If you have experienced any problems or can foresee some difficulties arising then you should raise these issues at this point.

If your program of study is not progressing according to plan you must make note of this fact and provide some discussion of intervening factors. This is so that in the future, if you need to apply for an extension of time to complete your program (especially for scholarship holders), your application will be assessed in relation to your annual progress reports.

You will not be able to reference extenuating circumstances in previous years if these have not been mentioned in your APRs (see section on Extension of time to complete and Rule 10: for Doctoral Degrees by Research, Section 4(c)(ii) and Rule 11: Degree of Master by Research, Section 4(c)(ii)). This is particularly important if you are receiving a scholarship which usually provides funding for a limited period.

Next Reporting period: 14 February – 31 March 2019

The 2018 Annual Progress Report round is now closed. Annual Progress Reports will open for a six-week period commencing 14 February 2019. Supervisors and HDR students will receive an email notification prior to the opening of the next reporting period.

Who must complete a report?

You must complete a report if:

  • You commenced your higher degree by research on or before the 31 December of the previous academic year. This includes students who have yet to obtain candidacy.
  • You are undertaking coursework units only prior to being enrolled in the thesis unit.
  • You are currently on a Leave of Absence and/or have been on a Leave of Absence for the majority of the reporting period. (The report, including a timeline of work yet to be completed, is an indicator of intent to continue enrolment for the next year.)

Note: You’ll need to confirm some information, such as key dates, using eStudent which is accessible through OASIS.


Supervisors of Higher Degree by Research students (including Interim Supervisors) must complete reports. However, in some cases, for example, when a Supervisor is on leave, an Associate Supervisor or Co-Supervisor may be nominated to complete the report instead.


Who doesn't need to complete a report?

You do not need to complete a report if:

  • You commenced your course of study after 1 January in the reporting year.
  • You submitted your thesis to the Thesis Examinations Officer in the Graduate Research School on or prior to 31 March of the reporting year.
  • You officially notified the University of your complete withdrawal from your course on or prior to 31 March of the reporting year.

What to do before completing a report

You must meet with your supervisor (or an alternate member of your thesis committee if your supervisor isn’t available) to discuss your progress and completion of your report.

Note: If you can’t communicate with your supervisor or another member of your thesis committee before the due date, indicate the reason in your report at Question 13, but still submit the report by the due date.

You should have completed the online Research Integrity (RI) unit in Blackboard (accessed via OASIS) before submitting your first report. If not, you will be placed on “Conditional” status until RI completion is confirmed.


What happens if you don’t complete a report?

If you don’t submit your APR by the closing date of the reporting period you’ll have your enrolment withdrawn and your status changed to Absent Without Leave (AWOL). The Faculty Graduate Studies Committee will recommend to the University Graduate Studies Committee that students who are AWOL for over six months will have their enrolment terminated (see Section 9 (d) and 16(a)(iv) of Rule 10: for Doctoral Degrees by Research, and Rule 11: Degree of Master by Research).

Confidential concerns

You can submit a document, in confidence, detailing any concerns regarding your HDR enrolment/candidacy/supervision at Question 32 of the report. These comments will not be presented to the Higher Degree by Research Review Board and will be considered separately by the Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research Training within the Graduate Research School.

Your entire report is not confidential; only the separately submitted document is considered in confidence.

Contact us

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