Attend a ceremony

A graduation invitation will be sent via the Official Communication Channel (OCC) to eligible students after result release of Semester 1 and Semester 2.

It is the responsibility of the student to maintain up to date contact details with the University and ensure they continue to read their OCC messages after course completion and up to the time of receiving their official graduation documentation.

Graduates who have a sanction on their student record will not be permitted to receive their award or attend a ceremony until the sanction has been cleared.

If eligible, you will be invited to register to attend a graduation ceremony in Perth or at one of our global campus locations.

Check your invitation OCC to register by the published deadline.

Travel restricted graduates

Curtin currently has a number of international students (enrolled at Bentley campus) who have been unable to attend a graduation ceremony across 2020 and 2021, due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions.

For these graduates, the option of virtual attendance has been introduced. Each virtual graduate will have their photograph, full name and award title displayed on the screen, as their name is announced. Family and friends will be able to watch the ceremony via the live stream.

This virtual element is only available to travel restricted graduates from 2019, 2020 and 2021.



Dates and locations

Academic regalia

If attending your ceremony, you must wear approved Curtin academic regalia. After you have completed your graduation online registration, you can proceed to order your regalia (and electronic tickets) online.

Ordering your regalia

If you are attending a graduation ceremony in Perth, Kalgoorlie or Singapore you can hire or purchase Curtin academic regalia from our official provider GFP Graduations. Information regarding regalia hire for ceremonies at other locations will be provided by your campus.

After you have completed your registration via the graduations channel in OASIS, you will be directed to the GFP Graduations website to order your regalia.

If you are not attending your ceremony and would like to purchase or hire regalia, or for more information please contact GFP Graduations.

I have my own regalia

When you register to attend a ceremony for graduation you will be directed to order your regalia. Select ‘own’ against each regalia item you have. If the degree you have completed is a higher level or in another discipline you will need to purchase a new sash.  

Check with our regalia supplier GFP Graduations for more information or refer to the regalia page to find out which colour your sash is required for your discipline.  

How to wear Curtin regalia

Please view the How to Wear [.pdf] instructions.

Sash and hood colours

These colours distinguish each discipline and are expressed in terms of the British Colour Council Dictionary of Standard Colours, 1951 for academic dress.


Sash chart

Types of academic regalia

Associate degree – Associate degree graduates wear a black robe and Curtin sash in the appropriate discipline colour. The mortarboard is not worn.

Bachelor degree – Bachelor degree graduates wear a black robe, Curtin sash in the appropriate discipline colour. Headwear is a black mortarboard with black tassel worn on the left side. The mortarboard is optional.

Postgraduate degree – Postgraduate diploma graduates wear a black robe, Curtin sash in the appropriate discipline colour. Headwear is a black mortarboard with black tassel worn on the left side. The mortarboard is optional.

Master degree – Postgraduate diploma graduates wear a black robe, Curtin sash appropriate discipline colour. Headwear is a black mortarboard with gold tassel worn on the left side. The mortarboard is compulsory.

Doctoral degree – Doctoral graduates wear a burgundy cloth robe with a black braided sleeve decoration and burgundy good with black lining. Headwear is a black velvet Tudor bonnet. The full set must be worn to receive your award.

As this is a formal occasion graduates are asked to wear neat business attire under their academic regalia.

Graduate tickets

Your graduation ticket will be sent electronically to your mobile phone. You will be required to display this electronic ticket on your mobile device upon entry into Curtin Forum.

Guest tickets

Guest tickets will be issued electronically to the guest’s mobile phone. All guests must display their electronic ticket to gain entry into the venue. Guests will not be able to enter without a valid ticket. If a guest does not have a mobile phone, their ticket can be sent to the mobile of an attending guest.

All graduates will receive two complimentary guest tickets. Doctoral graduates will receive four complimentary guest tickets.

All ceremony information regarding guest ticket allocation will be included in the graduate’s registration confirmation official communication.

Curtin University adheres to government guidelines regarding Covid-19 venue capacity restrictions.


Additional tickets

If available, the extra ticket portal will open from Wednesday 12 January – Wednesday 19 January 2022. Ticket availability will depend on ceremony sizes and venue capacity. Graduates will be sent further ticket information via OASIS Official Communication in the new year.

Photography and memorabilia

GFP Events are Curtin’s preferred supplier of graduation photography and memorabilia.