Key award information and Graduation ceremony dates

Award information

Award and graduation ceremony registration will be sent to all graduating students via Official Communication, the day after result result for Semester 1 and Semester.  Result release for Semester 1 and Semester 2 can view viewed via the Academic Calendar.

The Official Communication is your graduation invitation and will include how to receive your graduation pack (including award certificate and academic transcript) by registering to:

  • Attend a ceremony,
  • Receive your award by mail, or
  • Defer your ceremony (up to 12 months)

Graduation ceremony dates

View the locations below for a list of scheduled ceremonies.

Curtin Perth Summer Ceremonies

The Curtin Perth summer graduation ceremonies will be held on Bentley campus in February 2022.

Ceremony dateSchool or area
Saturday 5 February• School of Design and the Built Environment
• Curtin Law School
Sunday 6 February• School of Molecular & Life Sciences
• School of Civil & Mechanical Engineering
• WA School of Mines: Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering
Tuesday 8 February• Curtin School of Allied Health
(Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Speech Pathology)
(Physiotherapy and Exercise Science)
Wednesday 9 February• Curtin Medical School
• Centre for Aboriginal Studies
Friday 11 February• School of Accounting, Economics and Finance
• School of Earth and Planetary Science
Saturday 12 February• School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry
• School of Education
Monday 14 February• Curtin School of Population Health
(Public Health)
Thursday 17 February• School of Management and Marketing
Friday 18 February• School of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Science
• Curtin School of Nursing

Curtin Kalgoorlie

The date and details for the Curtin Kalgoorlie ceremony will be published here once confirmed.

Curtin Malaysia

The Curtin Malaysia graduation ceremony may be held in 2022.

  • Business and Humanities
  • Engineering and Sciences


Curtin Singapore

The Curtin Singapore virtual graduation ceremony will be held at the end of 2021.

Further information will be available here, when they are released.

Curtin Singapore Graduation Ceremonies are held at The Star Vista.

View map and parking information

Curtin Mauritius

The Curtin Mauritius graduation ceremony may be held in 2022.

Further information will be available here, when they are released.

Curtin Dubai

The Curtin Dubai graduation ceremony will be held on 6 November 2021.

Further information will be available here, when they are released.

Please note:

  • If you attend your graduation ceremony, you are consenting to be livestreamed. If you do not wish to be livestreamed, it is recommended that you should graduate in absentia.
  • Please check on travel border restrictions prior to registering to attend these events.
  • Graduation registration will be sent via Official Communication after result release for Semester 1 and Semester 2.


Curtin will endeavour to adhere to the scheduled dates, times and venues as promoted.

For students who are impacted by travel restrictions, please note you are permitted to defer attending a graduation ceremony for up to 12 months from course completion. Please stay up to date with Western Australian Government Covid-19 regulations.

If ceremonies are rescheduled, delayed or relocated; or if you are impacted by travel-related issues such as flight cancellations, Curtin is not responsible for any inconvenience or costs that may be incurred.