Official student documents

We have a range of official student documents available.

A copy of some documents will be provided free of charge on Graduation.

You can download a copy of your Academic eRecord and Enrolment Advice via OASIS > eStudent. This will be suitable for most purposes, including Centrelink requests.

The preferred method for ordering additional copies or alternative documents is:

  • Order online via OASIS > My Studies > Quick Forms > Online Forms

Alternatively you can order:

  • By phone by contacting Curtin Connect
  • In person by visiting Curtin Connect on Bentley Campus.

Payment is accepted via Visa or Mastercard.  EFTPOS is also available within Curtin Connect, cash cannot be accepted.


Confirmation of Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) letter

This letter confirms the Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) a student has been granted. It shows the total amount of credit points and the basis for which credit was granted. This letter is only available to students who have completed their course. 

Order by email, in person or by phone by contacting the University Admissions Centre, fees apply.

Letter to Confirm Enrolment

A letter which states the course you are or were enrolled in and the periods for which you are or were enrolled printed on University letterhead. The letter can include previous, current and future study periods, as long as you have an official enrolment during that time. The letter can be produced at any time.

This is not an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment which is required for international student visas.

Order online, in person or by phone, fees apply.

Letter of Course Completion

A letter of course completion is printed on Curtin Letterhead and is signed by a Curtin staff member.

The document includes:

  • course title
  • confirmation you have met all competencies of that course
  • conferral date – if produced after conferral

This letter can be produced at any time after the result publication date for the final study period in which you were enrolled.

You can use a letter of course completion as evidence you  have completed your course, prior to receiving your award certificate.

Order online, in person or by phone, fees apply.

Graduation and award

Academic Transcript

An academic transcript is an official, signed record of your academic history.

The complete academic transcript will include:

  • all courses of study completed at Curtin
  • award conferral date
  • award number.

The complete academic transcript is included in the graduation documents pack. Additional copies can be ordered. 

Any  academic transcript ordered prior to conferral will not include the conferral date and award number.

Order online, in person or by phone, fees apply.

Curtin Extra Certificate

Curtin Extra facilitates and recognises student development through co-curricular engagement. The Curtin Extra Certificate catalogues a student’s participation in approved Curtin Extra co-curricular programs. 

You can review and print your Curtin Extra eRecord through the Curtin Extra Certificate channel in OASIS. 

You will be given a copy of your Curtin Extra Certification on graduation. Additional copies can be ordered. 

Order online, in person or by phone, fees apply.

Graduation Statement

Curtin students who have their award conferred will receive an Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (Graduation Statement) with their graduation documents pack.

The Graduation Statement includes:

  • details of the course leading to the award
  • further information about the course
  • the award
  • the institution
  • Australian Higher Education system
  • approved special achievements of the graduate.

Special achievements include:

  • Member of the Vice-Chancellor’s List
  • Chancellor’s Commendation (Exceptional Higher Degree by Research Thesis)
  • Merit based scholarships awarded as part of a competitive process and administered by the Curtin University Scholarships Office.

A Graduation Statement is included in the graduation documents pack.  Additional copies can be ordered. 

A Graduation Statement is only available to for awards conferred on or after 1 November 2010.

Order in person or by phone, fees apply.

True Copy of Award Certificate

A Curtin Award Certificate is a legal document with a unique award number. You may only have one award certificate for each completed course.

If you need an additional copy of your award you may purchase a True Copy of your award certificate.

A True Copy is available for standard Curtin Award Certificates if you graduated since 2000. The True Copy is similar to a Curtin award certificate, but states ‘True Copy’ at the bottom of the certificate.

To order a True Copy, complete the Application for True Copy of Award form available from Quick Forms in OASIS or from the forms page, fees apply.


Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)

For international student on student visas only; this is a document which represents your course of study, duration and associated tuition fees. It is issued to you by the University on behalf of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations for the purpose of acquiring a student visa or visa extension. 

You will need to meet specific requirements before you can be issued with a COE.  

Refer to renewing or changing your student visa for further information.

Graduation Letter

This document is produced on official Curtin letterhead to aid in obtaining visas for international students wishing to remain in Australia, or return to Australia, in order to attend a Curtin graduation ceremony once they have completed their course. 

Order online, in person or by phone, fees apply.

Summary of Expenses Letter

This letter outlines the cost of living in Australia for international students. The letter will specify the indicative tuition fees, overseas student health cover and expected living expenses (covering the cost of rent, food, stationery, books, car insurance, petrol, telephone and other miscellaneous expenses). 

Order online, in person or by phone, fees apply.

Visiting Relations Letter

This document is produced on official Curtin letterhead to aid in obtaining visas for relatives visiting Australia for the purpose of a holiday or attending a Curtin graduation ceremony. The letter can be produced for currently enrolled or recently completed courses and will specify the formal names and relationship to the student of specified relatives. 

Order online, in person or by phone, fees apply.