Document fees

Document fees are charged for the provision of:

  • Replacement ID cards
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Additional copies of graduation documents (e.g. Graduation Statements)
  • Official letters (e.g. Letters of Course Completion, Letters to Confirm Enrolment)
  • Postage

Postage fees

Postage fees do not apply to all documents. We will let you know if postage fees will be applied to your document order.

All postage fees are calculated based on the size and destination of the item being posted and will be advised on application.

Schedule of fees

For documents issued upon graduation, you will receive a complimentary copy when you graduate. Fees will only be applicable to additional copies.

Ordering and delivery methods

Document typeOrdering method2021
Replacement ID Card Online
Curtin Connect
Academic Transcript* - digital copyOnline$15$18
Academic Transcript* - hard copyOnline
Curtin Connect
Graduation Statement* Curtin Connect$31$32
Curtin Extra Certificate* Online
Curtin Connect
Letter Confirming Course Completion* Online
Curtin Connect
Letter Confirming Enrolment^ Online
Curtin Connect
Letter Confirming Approval of Credit
for Recognised Learning^
Curtin Connect
Letter of Graduation CeremonyOnline
Curtin Connect
Copy of historical course and unit informationEmail$0$0
Curtin English Statement of Results$31$31
Curtin English Attendance Certificate$31$31
Digital Letter confirming course completion$18
Digital Letter confirming enrolment$18
Digital Letter of Graduation Ceremony$18

* fee charged for copies requested in addition to the complimentary copies provided upon graduation.

^ additional postage fees may apply if document is not collected in person at Curtin Connect.