Understanding your fees

There are a number of fees you may need to pay while studying at Curtin. It is important to know what fees you may be charged and when you need to pay them.

Course fees

  • Tuition fees – you will need to pay tuition fees for each unit you undertake at Curtin. The amount you pay will depend on your course, units and whether you’re a domestic or international student.
  • Student services and amenities fees (SSAF) – the student services and amenities fee (SSAF) supports the provision of a wide range of non-academic services and amenities at Curtin. Most students are required to pay this fee in addition to their tuition fees.
  • Incidental fees – these fees are specific to your course and charged in addition to your tuition and SSAF. For example, if your study involves using a laboratory, you may need a lab coat and safety glasses. Incidental fees are set by your faculty. You can find more information on the incidental fee list – 2020 [.pdf 445kB] or incidental fee list – 2021 [.pdf 321KB].

Administrative and late fees

  • Document fees – document fees may be charged when you request documents such as replacement ID cards, Academic Transcripts and official letters.
  • Special processing and service fees – there are a number of fees charged for special processing and services at Curtin, including rectification of your student record, reinstatement after cancellation of your enrolment and attending your graduation ceremony.
  • Late fees – you may be charged a late fee if you miss a payment deadline.

University life

  • Printing and photocopying – these are the maximum rates charged by areas at Curtin, including the Library, ABACUS Labs and faculties or schools, for printing or photocopying.
  • Parking – if you wish to park your car on campus, you must pay for parking.
  • Textbooks – your course may have specific textbooks that are required for study. Digital and hardcopy books can be purchased from The School Locker which is located in Building 106A and in Building 103, opposite Student Connect, on the Curtin Perth campus. School Locker is Curtin’s recommended supplier of books.  Further information on their services (including the purchase of books) and opening hours is also on The School Locker website. The Co-op is currently in Administration. The Co-op is located in Building 103 on the Curtin Perth campus.