Special circumstances – step two

Supporting Documentation

Applications are assessed based on the independent supporting documentation provided to demonstrate your special circumstances. All documentation must include the appropriate dates of all relevant events or illnesses.

Below are examples of special circumstances you might have, and the documentation required in each scenario. For medical and family/personal reasons, it is recommended that you request your medical/health professional to complete the Professional Practitioner Certificate.

Medical reasons

If you became ill on or after the census date you should provide a medical certificate from a doctor or psychologist, specifying the dates of your illness, and confirming that it prevented you from studying.

If you had a pre-existing medical condition that impacted your studies on or after the census date you will need to provide a medical certificate from a doctor or psychologist highlighting the date at which your illness worsened, to the extent that you were unable to continue studying.

Family/Personal reasons

In situations involving the illness of a family member, or other family/personal reasons you will need to provide a medical certificate from a doctor or psychologist confirming the impact that these circumstances have had on your ability to study. The certificate should include the dates that you were affected, and confirm that you were unable to study.

In cases of bereavement, a death certificate is sufficient where the deceased is an immediate family member (parent/sibling/spouse/child). In all other cases, please provide a letter of support from your doctor or psychologist, confirming the dates that you were unable to study.

Please note, Curtin offers free Counselling and Disability Services for students who may be in need of assistance with personal matters. Please refer to the website for information and contact details.

Do not provide medical certificates for your family members. All documentation must be specific to you, and how your studies have been affected.

Employment reasons

If your employment conditions have changed, requiring you to work more hours, take on a greater workload or relocate, you should provide a statement from your employer on company letterhead confirming the nature of the change, the date you were advised of it and the expected duration.
In these situations, it must be clear that the change was outside of your control.

Choosing to increase your work hours or undertake additional employment is not considered as circumstances beyond your control.

If you are self-employed you will need to complete a statutory declaration. Please note you may be asked to provide further documents after our initial assessment.

Employment reasons are not applicable to international students on a Student Visa.

When submitting your application, please be advised that:

  • All documentation must be on an official letterhead, original and scanned in colour. No copies will be accepted
  • Documentation must be in English, or translated by an accredited authority
  • Curtin University has no obligation to seek additional supporting documentation in relation to a submitted application
  • Curtin University performs regular audit checks to verify the legitimacy of any submitted supporting documentation. An applicant who is found to have provided false or misleading information will have their application declined, and disciplinary action may be taken.

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