Refund – step two

Supporting documentation

If you are an International student requesting a refund because you did not commence or continue your course and there were exceptional circumstances that prevented you from being able to study, you will need to provide documentation to support this.

Please see below for some common scenarios, and for information on the documentation you will need to supply:

Visa refusal or cancellation

You are required to provide the notification you received from the Department of Home Affairs, including the Decision Record.

Medical reasons

You will need to provide a letter from your doctor, specifying the dates of your illness and confirming that you were unable to study.

Illness of a close family member

In situations where a family member is ill and you are required to stay at home/return home to care for/support the family, you will need to obtain a letter from a doctor or psychologist, confirming the situation and specifying the dates that you are unable to study.

Please do not submit your family member’s medical certificates. All supporting documentation must be specific to you, and your ability to study.


A death certificate is sufficient where the deceased is an immediate family member (parent/sibling/spouse/child). In all other cases, please provide a letter of support from your doctor or psychologist, confirming the dates that you were unable to study.

When submitting your application, please be advised that:

  • All documentation must be original and scanned in colour. No copies will be accepted
  • Documentation must be in English, or translated by an accredited authority
  • Curtin University has no obligation to seek additional supporting documentation in relation to a submitted application
  • Curtin University performs regular audit checks to verify the legitimacy of any submitted supporting documentation. An applicant who is found to have provided false or misleading information will have their application declined, and disciplinary action may be taken

Application process & important information

  • You will be notified of the outcome within 28 days of submitting a complete application
  • All correspondence will be sent to the email address provided in your application
  • All refunds must be made to you, the student, or (if applicable) to the original fee payer. Payments to a third party will not be processed
  • All payments will be refunded in the same method in which the payment was received (ie. credit card, Flywire, PayPal)

Consumer protection

The arrangements outlined above do not remove the right of the student to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

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