Support services available to assist you with your current studies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Below is some information we have available to help you manage and succeed with your studies during this unprecedented time.


Assessment Extensions:

To help reduce the burden on health services in the community, from Monday 23 March you will no longer be required to submit a medical certificate in support of an assessment extension application. As usual, you will need to explain why you are seeking an extension as part of the approval process.

Late Assessments:

To give you more flexibility in your studies, late assessment penalties will be removed from assessment tasks where possible. However, we recommend that you still submit your work by the expected date as this will mean you receive timely feedback to help you progress through the unit. Some assessments, such as online tests in Blackboard or take-home open book examinations would need to be completed in the usual way within the period set. In many cases, due dates will be extended as a consequence of the changes to the calendar and assessments.


Curtin will be replacing face-to-face examinations with another form of assessment. Depending on the unit, this might be a take-home test, an assignment or another form of independent assessment activity. However, in some cases, examinations are required for accreditation purposes, and these will be supervised online using software and a webcam to allow students to take the examination remotely.

If you have any queries relating to your assessments, contact your Unit Coordinator and School as they will be able to provide you with further information to assist you with completing your unit.


Below are a list of FAQs to answer any questions you may have in relation to studying online, financial support and other study issues.

Studying Online

Financial Support

Other Study Issues


Health and Wellbeing

Curtin’s wellbeing, counselling and accessibility services are available to help support you as you deal with the daily challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to talk with someone from these free services please contact +61 8 9266 7850 or email Counselling Services.

You may also wish to refer to the Health and Wellbeing FAQs.

Further Information

Below is some useful information to assist you with your online learning.

Student Guild

The Guild is also available to assist you with any queries you may have in regards to your study.

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