Payment options

At Curtin, we’ve made it easy to pay your fees. You can make payment quickly and securely with our online payment portal Curtin ePay or using the BPAY details on your eInvoice.

Before you make your payment, you should generate your eInvoice. It will tell you how much you need to pay and when your payment is due.

Curtin ePay

Curtin ePay is our preferred payment method. It is the fastest way to pay your fees, delivering payment directly to your student account within 3-4 hours and providing an official payment receipt.

Curtin ePay allows you to pay your fees by credit or debit card, PayPal or international bank transfer, China UnionPay and Alipay via Flywire.

You can find more information about using Flywire for international bank transfers and Chinese payments below:

China UnionPay via Flywire

You can pay your fees from China using UnionPay, Alipay or international bank transfer via the Flywire option in Curtin ePay.

You can find out more about using Flywire to pay from China in:

Paying by UnionPay and Alipay

In 2019, Flywire is running a promotion in partnership with UnionPay and Alipay for your tuition fee payments from China. They have reduced their prices to make them the same as offline bank transfer payments, offering significant savings on your tuition payments:

New Curtin ePay payment features

From 14 August 2019, you will see additional features when making your payments in Curtin ePay.

You will now be able to view your enrolled units when paying your tuition and/or Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF), along with the option to select and pay as per your preference.

You can find out more about using the new features in our Student Guide for Curtin ePay.


You can pay your fees by BPAY through your financial institution’s online or mobile banking using the Billpay code and reference number available on your eInvoice.

If you pay your fees by BPAY, it will take 48 to 72 hours for your payment to be received by Curtin and no official Curtin receipt will be issued to you.