Your eInvoice is an electronic version of a tax invoice. It tells you how much you need to pay for your enrolled units.

Once you have enrolled in your units each study period, you will be able to access your eInvoice on the My Finances tab in eStudent, via OASIS and generate a copy to your Curtin student email.

Please note that as part of Curtin’s commitment to sustainability, we do not issue paper invoices.

How to generate your eInvoice

To access your eInvoice, you must generate a copy in OASIS. You should do this prior to the due date to make sure you pay the correct amount, on time. To generate your eInvoice:

  1. Login to OASIS
  2. Go to the My Studies tab and click on the eStudent button
  3. Select the My Finances tab
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Email my eInvoice

What is shown on your eInvoice

Your eInvoice shows your unpaid tuition and Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) for the study period you’re currently enrolled in. Your eInvoice includes:

  • Your enrolled units
  • Your unpaid fees for the current study period
  • Your payment due date
  • The census date (the last date to withdraw from units without penalty)
  • Your payment status (whether your fees will be deferred using a HELP loan or must be paid upfront)
  • All available payment methods

Before making your payment, you should read your eInvoice carefully to make sure the details are correct.

Understanding your eInvoice

Your eInvoice includes important information and is tailored to you as either an international, Commonwealth supported or domestic student. If you need help understanding your eInvoice, you can find out more below.