International onshore/offshore student – eInvoice explanation

There are three different liability categories of students and the eInvoice has been tailored to suit each liability category.  The information below explains each of the fields on an eInvoice for a international onshore/offshore student.

Tax Invoice/Statement of Account:Statement of Account that shows your current outstanding debt for the study periods you are enrolled in.
Student Details:Your name and address details. If any of your details are incorrect, please make the appropriate changes in eStudent through OASIS.
Reference No:A unique number that is generated each time the eInvoice is requested. The reference number will change and update with each new request.
Status:Non-deferrable - Confirms that you cannot defer your tuition fee payment using HECS/FEE-HELP.
HECS/FEE-HELP are only relevant to Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents, Permanent Humanitarian visa holders and New Zealand Citizens.
The amount shown on your invoice must be paid by the due date.
Study Period:The study period the units are currently enrolled in.
Census Date:The Census date for the particular study period is the deadline to withdraw from a units to avoid financial and academic penalty.
Due Date:The due date of tuition fees for that particular Study Period.
If the due date indicates 'immediately', it means that the due date for the Study Period has passed and fees must be paid immediately to avoid cancellation of enrolment or other penalties.
Any payments received after the due date may incur a late payment fee of $165.00.
Cost of Unit:The amount charged per unit.
Payment:Shows the payments that have been received and the portion allocated to this particular unit.
Amount Due:The amount to be paid by the due date
Total Cost of Units:The total sum of all the units enrolled in for that Study Period.
Total Payment:The total payment received by the University.
Tuition Amount Due:The total of fees due after any payment received has been deducted.
Special Notes:Indicates important information
How to Pay:Link to information about payment options on the current students website. to additional fees information on the current students website.