Sponsorship is when a department, body or organisation formally agrees to pay your tuition fees either for the full period of your studies or for a specified period of time. Sponsorship should not be confused with Scholarships which can be one-off cash payments or full fee grants.

As a fully sponsored student you will not be issued with invoices or required to make any arrangements for payment of invoices. All invoices for tuition fees will be forwarded directly to your sponsor. You need to ensure your sponsorship is valid for the duration of your studies.  If your sponsorship expires, or your sponsor fails to make payment, you will become responsible for payment of any fees. 

Information about international sponsorship can be found on the international site.

There are two ways in which you can be sponsored, you can be:

Setting up a sponsorship arrangement

If a department, body or organisation (often an employer) agrees to sponsor your studies you need to let us know via:

  • Email – send details to sponsorfees@curtin.edu.au
  • Phone – contact the Team Leader, Sponsor Fees by phone on +61 8 9266 4530.  You and your sponsor will then be provided with the necessary forms to set up the sponsorship.

Students must also complete and submit a sponsor disclosure of information [.pdf]. This allows Curtin to provide information relating to your tuition fees and your academic progress to your sponsor.

Information for sponsors

Once a sponsorship arrangement is in place, the sponsor must ensure all the tuition fees are paid by the specified date on the invoices.

Invoices for tuition fees will be issued to sponsors immediately after Census date.  The invoice will include: 

  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Study package details
  • Title and cost of each enrolled unit for the study period.

Late payments

Late payment fees may be payable for any payment not received by the due date as shown on the invoice.

Delays in payments, without prior arrangement, may result in a sanction being placed on the student record. The sanction will remain in force until all outstanding fees have been cleared.

Sponsors are responsible for any expenses or costs incurred by Curtin in recovering any monies.

Making payments

Several payment methods are available for making payments from Australia or overseas.

From within Australia:

  • Curtin ePay – A quick and easy online payment which allows payment via Mastercard, Visa or American Express.
  • Direct transfer – Make a direct payment to Curtin University’s bank account.

From outside of Australia:

  • Curtin ePay – A quick and easy online payment which allows payment via credit card or Flywire in the sponsors local currency.
  • Telegraphic transfer – Make a direct payment to Curtin University’s bank account from an international bank account.  Payments may incur a bank charge from the receiving bank for processing the payment. This charge is the responsibility of the payer.

Once a payment is made it is requested that a remittance advice be provided detailing how payment to be allocated. The remittance advice details should be emailed to sponsorfees@curtin.edu.au.