Student services and amenities fee

The student services and amenities fee (SSAF) supports the provision of a wide range of non-academic services and amenities to all students. Curtin uses the SSAF revenue to enhance the university experience, and to expand and improve services and amenities.

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SSAF is automatically charged when you enrol in your units. You will need to generate your eInvoice to view your SSAF and make a payment.

The SSAF is calculated based on your:

The tables below can be used to determine your approximate SSAF amount.

Coursework – amount payable for 2019

Location%Amount per creditSSAF charge formula
Bentley100%$1.5150 ( $303*/200 credit points *100% )$1.5150 X enrolled credit points
Perth CBD and
100%$1.5150 ( $303*/200 credit points *100% )$1.5150 X enrolled credit points
Education Centre *50%$0.7575 ( $303*/200 credit points *50% )$0.7575 X enrolled credit points
External only**50%$0.7575 ( $303*/200 credit points *50% )$0.7575 X enrolled credit points

* The maximum SSAF charge is $303 in 2019.  

Higher degree by research – amount payable for 2019

Location /study mode SSAF charge formula 
Bentley 100% EFTSL X $303 X 100% 
Perth CBD and Kalgoorlie 100% EFTSL X $303 X 75% 
Education Centre*50% EFTSL X $303 X 50% 
External only**50% EFTSL X $303 X 50% 

Exemption categories

The following categories of students remain exempt from paying SSAF in 2019:

  • International Students
  • Domestic students serving sentences in a prison in a State of Territory of Australia
  • VET Sector Courses
  • Enrolments that are part of:
    • Formal study exchange program
    • Study abroad program
    • Cross-institutional course
  • Any campus outside Australia
  • Open Universities Australia “open access” (i.e. not for degree or “direct entry”) students
    Students enrolled in enabling and bridging courses Study