Centrally scheduling your assessments and exams

Many assessments and exams will be centrally scheduled during the formal examination period.

  • Six weeks prior to the examination period a draft timetable will be published
  • You will have one week to provide feedback to your schools or faculty about the timetable
  • Four weeks prior to the examination period a final timetable (date and time only) will be published
  • Two weeks prior to the examination period your examination venue will be published (if you have a face to face exam)

Your personalised draft and final timetables will be made available in OASIS.

The assessments and exams may be scheduled on any day or evening during the centrally scheduled period, with the exception of Sundays.


Exceptions may apply where alternative arrangements have been made under the following processes:

Assessment extension and deferred exam application

  1. Access the online Assessment Extension form on the Student administration forms webpage.
  2. Read the assessment extension information presented to you. 
  3. Continue through the steps to enter the relevant unit details and upload your supporting documentation. 

You will receive the outcome of your assessment extension request via Official Communication

More information on assessment extension policy and procedures can be found in the Assessment and student progression - policy and procedures manual [.pdf 730KB].


Alternative examination arrangements

Some students may require alternative exam arrangements through reasons of disability, medical, religious, social inclusion or commitment as an elite athletes.

Arrangements should be made at least four weeks prior to the examination period.

Disability or medical reasons

If you need alternative exam arrangements due to a medical condition or disability you should seek approval from AccessAbility Services. You are also eligible if you are a primary carer of a person with a disability.

You will need to provide documentation from your treating health professional to support your request at the initial appointment. AccessAbility Services will then assess your situation and assist you to make arrangements for in-class and end of semester exams if required.

For more information, contact AccessAbility Services. Curtin OUA students can refer to Disability Support on the OUA website.

Religious reasons

If you have obligatory religious requirements that prevent you from sitting an examination at the scheduled time you should seek approval for alternative arrangements to sit your examinations.

You will need to provide appropriate supporting documentation from your church or religious group.

For more information go to faith and religion.

Family, care and social inclusion

If you are experiencing issues related to social inclusion, such as pregnancy or extenuating commitments as a primary carer, that prohibit you from sitting your exams at the scheduled time, you should contact a Student Wellbeing Advisor. They will be able to determine what alternative arrangement is required or assist to you apply for an Assessment Extension.

For more information, contact Student Wellbeing Advisory Service.

Elite athletes

Recognised elite athletes who need alternative exam arrangements need to seek approval from Curtin’s Elite Athlete Coordinator.

For more information, contact Curtin’s Elite Athlete Coordinator.

Curtin OUA exam location

Examinations for Curtin OUA units are held either online or at an OUA Exam Services venue and arranged by OUA Exam Services. If you are required to travel over 100km to attend your exams, you may be eligible for a travel subsidy

Check the Exams page on the OUA website for your exam details, including time and location.

If required, you may apply for alternative examination arrangements or an assessment extension to defer your exam to a later date.