Preparing for and attending your exams

Before you attend your examination it is important that you are prepared and know what is expected of you during this time.

Student ID card

If you are sitting examinations on Perth Campus you must show your Curtin student ID card, which is to be placed on their desk for Invigilators to check during reading time. If you do not have your ID card you will not be permitted entry to the examination venue, and will be directed to Curtin Connect to obtain an ID card.

No additional time will be provided to sit the examination after you obtain your new card, nor will you be admitted into the examination after the first hour has elapsed. Curtin Connect will operate extended opening hours during the examination period to facilitate this process, and provisions will be made for students who are unable to pay for their ID card at the time of issue.

If the examination is held at a location other than Perth Campus, a driver’s licence or passport is acceptable as photographic identification until an ID card can be obtained.

To find out how to obtain your student ID card go to the student details and ID page.

Duration of exams and reading time

Examinations will normally be limited to a maximum of two hours duration. Unless alternative examination arrangement have been made, no examination shall be of more than three hours duration.

There is a mandatory ten minute reading time for each examination in addition to the duration of the examination. During reading time you may:

  • use this time is to think, plan and organise your response to the examination paper
  • make notes or highlight text, as directed on the front cover of the examination paper.

If you are sitting a face to face exam, you must arrive at your exam venue at least 20 minutes prior to the exam.

Multiple choice answer sheet

You may be required to submit answers via a multiple choice answer sheet.

An information document [.pdf 197KB] has been established to assist you.

Instructions will be provided on the answer sheet.

During your face to face exam

You must follow instructions and abide by the examination rules and regulations.

  • Hats and caps must not be worn unless relating to obligatory religious requirements.
  • All unauthorised materials including textbooks, notes and electronic devices (headphones) are to be placed in bags.
  • Bags must be placed under the desk between your desk or chair.
  • You may make notes during the reading time in accordance with instructions given.
  • The invigilator will advise you when you can commence the examination.
  • If you think there is an error or omission in the examination paper you can bring this to the attention of the invigilator, who will seek clarification.
  • If you need additional material, raise your hand until attended to.
  • You must not:
    • communicate with any other student
    • attempt to get assistance with your work
    • assist any other students.
  • If you leave the examination venue you will not be allowed to return unless you have been under approved supervision for the period of your absence (e.g. to go to the toilet).
  • You cannot leave the venue during the first hour or the last 15 minutes of the examination, or leave the venue at the completion of the examination until advised by the invigilator.
  • You must hand in your examination script with your name and student ID number written on it even if you have not completed any of the paper.

Further information about the regulations for the conduct of examinations and invigilated tests is available in the Assessment and Student Progression Manual (Consolidated Policy and Procedures).

Authorised materials

The use of any aids (e.g. calculators) will be noted on the assessment or examination materials. Only authorised materials and aids that are specified may be kept with you during the assessment or examination, all other items must be left outside the venue or placed in your bags.

Prohibited Items

Penalties may apply if you are found to be accessing, being in possession of or using any prohibited devices or materials.

Unless otherwise explicitly authorised, you are prohibited from:

  • Accessing, being in possession of, or using any mobile phone or unauthorised electronic device;
  • Accessing, being in possession of, or using any device capable of storing information or connecting with another device, including but not limited to electronic devices;
  • Accessing, being in possession of, or using any notes or unauthorised materials;
  • Accessing, being in possession of, using any device capable of communicating with another person inside or outside of the venue; and
  • Interacting or colluding with any other person inside or outside the venue.

In possession means on, next to, near or under your desk or chair, in or on your clothing, on your body, or in your wallet or purse.

If any prohibited item makes a sound during the examination, penalties may apply.