Travel concession

If you are a full-time Curtin student, you are entitled to a Tertiary SmartRider card. For SmartRider concession purposes, full-time enrolment is a minimum of 75 credits in a half-year period.

The card gives you concessional fares on Transperth (or TransGoldfields) buses, trains and ferries.  You cannot get student fares by showing your Student ID card, however it is recommended that you carry your Student ID card with your Tertiary SmartRider when traveling.

Follow the steps below to get your tertiary travel concession.

Step 1: Get a SmartRider

There are a few ways you can get your SmartRider card.
  • Use your existing SmartRider if you already have one
  • Purchase a Transperth SmartRider from G-Mart Building 106G on Bentley Campus
  • Purchase a Transperth SmartRider for $5 from any SmartRider retail outlet or Transperth info centre
  • Purchase a TranGoldfields SmartRider for $20 from the TransGoldfields Office at the Kalgoorlie Bus Depot, 108 Boulder Rd, Kalgoorlie.
A minimum of $5 credit must be added to your card at the time of purchase. Further information can be found on the Transperth website.

Step 2: Register your SmartRider for tertiary concession

Go to OASIS > Campus Life and Guild > SmartRider Concession Registration > Enter your SmartRider number and agree to the terms & conditions > click 'Submit'. 

To activate your concession, you will need to use your SmartRider card twice (2 standard trips) on a Transperth Service within 7 days of registering it on OASIS.  You will continue to receive the tertiary concession as long as you are enrolled full-time (75 credits or above).

Step 3: Activate your SmartRider to start your concession

About 72 hours after registering your Smartrider, you must activate your concession by using your SmartRider card on a bus, train or ferry to tag on and off twice within a 7 day period.

You will be charged full standard fares (non-refundable) until your concession has been activated.

You will continue to receive your tertiary concession for as long as you maintain a full-time enrolment at Curtin.

Lost or stolen SmartRider card

If you lose your SmartRider, contact Transperth to cancel your card. 

Then you can follow the steps above to purchase a new card and register for your concession. 

If your card is lost on campus and received through lost property, your card will be returned to Transperth or the teaching institution, if paired as secondary student card.