Food & drink

There are multiple food outlets on the Perth Campus, as well as a range of food trucks.

Guild eateries and tavern

The Curtin Student Guild manages a range of Perth Campus cafes and coffee shops, plus the Tav. Guild members can receive discounts at many eateries.

Other Perth Campus eateries

Aroma Café – Building 200

A healthy selection of finger food items, meals and beverages deeply rooted in the cafe’s Italian heritage.

Common Ground – Building 104

Serving a variety of fresh, modern Australian dishes and coffee prepared in-house.

George’s Shishkebabs – Building 106C Guild Precinct

A renowned hub crafting authentic Greek Souvlakis and other delicious treats.

Simply Delicious – Building 106A Guild Precinct

Simply delicious Asian meals, sweet and savoury treats and beverages all in one place.