Support and advice

If you need help finding somewhere to live Curtin’s Housing Advisory Service team are here to provide support and advice.

We can help you explore a diverse range of accommodation options, including living on campus. Once you have decided what suits you, we can then assist you with your application and setting up your rental contract.

Our supportive team also offer free and impartial tenancy advice. We have decades of experience and are here to help with rental contracts, disputes and general tenancy issues.

We’re only a phone call, or email, away! Contact us on +61 8 9266 4430 or

Alternative accommodation options

Living on campus can enhance your academic and social experience at university, which is why we encourage students to look at our on-campus student accommodation options first. If on-campus living doesn’t suit you we can help you explore alternative options.

Our team maintain a database of off-campus accommodation options. To view the database you’ll need to be a Curtin student, staff member or authorised guest, and will need to sign up for access.

Off-campus accommodation options

There are three main off-campus accommodation options available to Curtin students:

  • Homestay: A ‘homestay’ is when you choose to live with an Australian family for all or part of your study period. It is a great opportunity for you to learn conversational English and experience first-hand the friendly Western Australian lifestyle and culture.
  • Renting a room (share housing): if you wish to rent a single room there are many options available. You may have to pay for other expenses such as electricity, gas, water and internet on top of your weekly rent.
  • Renting a home or unit: If you want to live on your own or with your family you can rent an entire property. Prices will vary depending on how many rooms the property has and you may have to pay for electricity, gas, water and internet. You may also have to source furniture depending on if the property is furnished or unfurnished.

Don’t forget to use our off-campus database to explore what options are currently available.

Short term accommodation

If you need to stay at Curtin for a short period we would encourage you to enquire at our on-campus student accommodation who can offer short stays.

If you choose a short stay at our on-campus student accommodation linen and kitchenware can be included.

You may also wish to explore local hotels and other external short-stay housing options.

Frequently asked questions

We have pulled together some of the most common questions that we’re asked by students when they are looking for somewhere to live.

If your question isn’t listed don’t worry, there are more accommodation FAQs on the Curtin Connect website.

How do I apply for on-campus student accommodation?

Curtin offers a range of accommodation options if you want to live on campus. These include both private rooms in shared apartments and studios.

Our student accommodation at Curtin Perth is managed by UniLodge. You can apply for their accommodation online.

If you’re looking to live on campus at Curtin Kalgoorlie you can apply via our website.

Are Curtin building more on-campus student accommodation options in Perth?

Yes! In 2022 we will open two new purpose built student accommodation options at our Curtin Perth campus.

In addition to our existing properties, we will have a new halls of residence, which will be managed by UniLodge, and a college, which will be managed by St Catherine’s College.

For more information visit our Exchange website.

What are your top tips when looking for off-campus accommodation?

These five tips will help you avoid some common mistakes when searching for a place to live.

  1. View the property before you sign a lease. All off-campus accommodation is privately owned and not controlled by Curtin, so we recommend inspecting the property yourself to avoid disappointment. We also advise you not to sign contracts from overseas.
  2. Find your own accommodation, don’t ask friends. You may find the place they choose is not what you imagined, or that cheaper options were available. The following database can help you find somewhere to suit you.
  3. Beware of internet accommodation scams. To avoid getting scammed, contact our Housing Advisory Service team or go through our accommodation provider, UniLodge.
  4. Get the terms for a property or room in writing. Whether you are renting a full property or a single room, you should always have the terms in writing. We can provide a simple room contract if your landlord doesn’t have one.
  5. Contact us. We can help you find the right accommodation for your circumstances. Contact us on +61 8 9266 4430, or, with your requirements. You can also visit us at Curtin Connect on our Curtin Perth campus.

What suburb should I live in?

If you want to live off campus we recommend that you live in one of the following suburbs, which are close by to our Curtin Perth campus:

  • Bentley
  • Como
  • East Victoria Park
  • Karawara
  • Kensington
  • Manning
  • Perth
  • St James
  • South Perth
  • Victoria Park
  • Waterford
  • Wilson
  • View map.

How do I apply for off-campus accommodation?

There are many types of off-campus student accommodation, all with varying budgets and with different application processes. You don’t have to apply for off-campus accommodation before you arrive in Perth, we recommend that you view the property before committing to a lease.

Typically, you would book between two and three days short-term accommodation and then start looking once you arrive. Use Curtin’s off-campus accommodation database to make a short list of places that seem suitable and contact the landlord to arrange an inspection. The landlord will tell you how to proceed.

If you need help don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our friendly team are here to provide assistance.

How long does it take to find off-campus accommodation?

Many new students find accommodation on the day they come to see us – if you’re new to Perth we’ll even drive you to view your options. Completing the paperwork will usually take two or three days. It is rare for accommodation to take longer than a week.

What if I have a tenancy dispute?

There are laws governing renting accommodation and we can advise you if there is a dispute.

Please call us on +61 8 9266 4430, or send an email to

Are there any useful resources I should read before signing a lease?

Moving out of home can be a daunting process, especially if you are from overseas. We would recommend that you familiarise yourself with the following resources before signing a lease.

  • Guide to renting in Western Australia: the WA Government have produced a handy PDF guide which answers many common questions.
  • iRentWA: this app contains important information about renting a home in WA including who to contact for help if things go wrong.

I have a property that I would like to rent to students. Can you help?

The best way to advertise your property to students is via our database which we host on StudyStays. You’ll need to register for the database before you can list your property.

If you are looking to rent your your property for the first time, we would recommend that you familiarise yourself with the following resources before listing it on our database.