Bentley Campus accommodation

When you live on campus you can enjoy living, socialising and studying in one convenient location, along with other students from all over the world. Our rooms are fully furnished and there are plenty of recreation facilities and support services, plus you’re in easy walking distance of your classes, the library, the shopping centre, gym and public transport. And whenever you’re not studying, you can join in on a range of weekly activities and social events.

On-campus housing options

Check out our on-campus housing options to decide which one is right for you, and see where they are on the campus map:

  • Don Watts House
    Eight-bedroom units as well as private studio apartments for couples, located in Kurrajong Village.
  • George James House
    Modern six-bedroom, three-bathroom units, located in Kurrajong Village.
  • Japan House
    Private rooms with ensuites in a complex designed in a Japanese style. Located in Kurrajong Village.
  • Rotary International House
    Eight-bedroom units, one of which is suitable for students with disabilities, plus some two-bedroom units and private studio apartments for couples. Located in Kurrajong Village.
  • Erica Underwood House
    Comfortable six-bedroom units located in a large complex located across the road from the main part of campus.
  • Guild House
    Six-bedroom units with rooms for both singles and couples, located across the road from the main part of campus.
  • Vickery House
    Six-and eight-bedroom units located on the east side of campus.