Alternative accommodation options

Looking to find somewhere to live near a Curtin campus? We can help! We also provide a free and impartial tenancy advice service in relation to rental issues, such as contract or bond disputes.

Accommodation near the Perth Campus

The Perth Campus is located in the suburb of Bentley, an urban setting about 8km from Perth’s city centre. A wide range of privately-owned off-campus accommodation is available near the campus, including houses, apartments and single rooms. Options are generally divided into rental (whole property), share housing (room rental), or full board (homestay, meals included). Because of student demand, most accommodation near the university is furnished, although in the greater Perth area, accommodation is usually unfurnished.

Full rentals, especially small apartments, can be more difficult to find than single rooms. If you have a family or you otherwise need a full rental, email us on for advice, and arrive well before needing accommodation.

Suburbs close by

See a summary of each of the suburbs closest to the Perth Campus.

Types of accommodation

Short term accommodation

If you need to stay near Curtin for a short period of time, we have on-campus short-stay options available, or you can choose other short stay options nearby. Read more about short-term accommodation options.

Full board or homestay accommodation

Full board or Homestay usually means that students live with a family or homeowner that provides meals. The price usually includes meals and expenses apart from telephone calls. Prices may differ depending on quality and location of the house, and what is being offered. Some providers prepare all meals and do washing, others may provide less. Often terms can be negotiated.

Rental properties

Renting a property means moving into vacant accommodation. Expenses are usually not included. Rentals can be furnished, unfurnished or furnished and equipped. Equipped means that cooking utensils, bed linen, etc. will be provided. In furnished accommodation, bedroom, dining and lounge furniture will be included. Unfurnished accommodation will generally only have a stove (cooker).

In Perth the most common lease (contract) periods are six or twelve months. Sometimes leases shorter than six months can be arranged, but it is likely to be more expensive and there will be less choices.

Rents are always quoted by the week here, and generally paid every two weeks in advance. A bond (security deposit) of four weeks of rent is nearly always taken. This is refunded at the end of the tenancy minus any costs for damage.

Share house / renting a room

Room rental or share housing is very popular for Curtin students. Most often this sort of accommodation is offered by students who have a spare room in their house.

Room rental usually means getting your own furnished room. Most people in Perth expect to have their own room, so there are not many sharing room options.

Search our accommodation database

If you’re looking for somewhere to live you can search our off-campus accommodation database, which contains hundreds of up-to-date options. You can also list a room if you have one available. You’ll need to be a Curtin student, staff member or authorised guest to access all the details within the database.