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Census Dates 2018

A Census date is the date at which an enrolment is considered to be final.

If you are in a Commonwealth supported place by each Census date you must either pay your student contribution in full or have provided your tax file number to us.  If you fail to do these things, the University is obliged by law to cancel your enrolment.

If you are seeking Commonwealth assistance (i.e. HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, SA-HELP or OS-HELP) you must submit an eCAF (electronic Commonwealth assistance form) with a valid tax file number by each relevant Census date. Only one form needs to be submitted for each course. For further information please see What is an eCAF? on the Fees Centre website.

If you are a student, regardless of whether you are Commonwealth supported or not, any withdrawal you make after the study period Census date will incur an academic penalty (for example, a fail grade) and a financial penalty (for example, no refund of your student contribution or tuition fees).

Study Period Census Date
Semester 1 March 23, 2018
Semester 2 August 24, 2018
Summer Dates
Summer School January 12, 2018
Research Terms
Research Term 1 March 23, 2018
Research Term 2 August 24, 2018
Trimester 1 February 09, 2018
Trimester 2 June 1, 2018
Trimester 3 September 21, 2018
Quarter 1 January 26, 2018
Quarter 2 April 27, 2018
Quarter 3 July 27, 2018
Quarter 4 October 26, 2018
Short Study Periods
Study Period 1 January 12, 2018
Study Period 2 February 09, 2018
Study Period 3 March 16, 2018
Study Period 4 April 13, 2018
Study Period 5 May 11, 2018
Study Period 6 June 15, 2018
Study Period 7 July 13, 2018
Study Period 8 August 10, 2018
Study Period 9 September 14, 2018
Study Period 10 October 12, 2018
Study Period 10A October 19, 2018
Study Period 11 November 16, 2018
Study Period 12 December 14, 2018

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Census Dates for Research Students

Census dates for a student undertaking a Masters or Doctoral thesis are set by the following rules. For most students this means the Census dates for their thesis in 2018 will be 23 March for the first half-year and 24 August for the second half-year.

  1. The standard Census date for study in the half-year period that extends from 1 January to 30 June will be the standard Semester 1 Census date
  2. The standard Census date for study in the half-year period that extends from 1 July to 31 December will be the standard Semester 2 Census date
  3. In the student's first half year of study, the Census date will be the later of
    • the earliest date which is at least 20% of the time between the date the student commences study in the thesis and the end of the half-year period; and
    • the standard Census date for the half year period.
  4. For all other half-years of study, the student's Census date will be the standard Census date for study in that half-year period.

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