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Appropriate ICT use for students

As a Curtin student you are given access to the University's ICT services and facilities to help you study, research and work more effectively. However the University will impose severe disciplinary penalties on you, which may include suspension or termination of enrolment, dismissal and/or criminal prosecution, if you use these privileges inappropriately or do not abide by Curtin policies and procedures. If you break any law of the Commonwealth of Australia or the State of Western Australia you will be reported to the relevant authorities and criminal or civil prosecution may ensue.

The University logs most things that are done via its Internet services including email. Curtin also monitors Internet use daily and periodically will review files stored on Curtin computers and servers.

If you are using your own computer to access the Curtin network and Internet services, the University also reserves the right to check what you have downloaded and stored, if it has reasonable grounds for believing that you may have infringed copyright or done some other illegal act.

You can find detailed information regarding appropriate use of ICT whilst at the University, using your own computer or Curtin's services and facilities at:

If you have any concerns ask at an Abacus Lab or the Student Service Centre.

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