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Fees, charges, levies, fines and refund appeal


When a student receives notification by way of an invoice or a liability notice for fees, charges, levies or fines and they believe the charge to be incorrect they can formally appeal the charge.


An appeal by students regarding the calculation of their HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP liability for a semester requires a letter to the Academic Registrar, Director, Student Services, within ten working days of the dispatch of the Commonwealth Assistance Notice. On receipt of the appeal an acknowledgement receipt will be issued within five working days. A decision on the appeal will be made within ten working days of acknowledgement and the student will be notified in writing of this decision.


The Student Guild is interested in talking with students about fees or charges they think are unreasonable. Before writing an appeal talk to a Student Representative at the Guild, as they will be able to help you.

For more information on appealing University fees and charges please see the document Rule No 6 Made Pursuant to Statute 26 - Fees and Charges: Appeals Against Student Contributions, Tuition Fees, Incidental Fees and Amenities and Services Fees located at the Policy websites Statutes and Rules webpage.

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