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Enrolment appeal


When a student receives notification that their enrolment has been denied they can formally appeal the decision.


Often, concerns can be satisfactorily resolved through discussion with the Unit Coordinator, Course Coordinator or Head of School.

However, a formal appeal is possible if informal discussions do not resolve the issue.

A formal appeal must be submitted, in writing, within 10 working days of notification of the decision. The written appeal should be lodged with the Manager of your Student Services Office.

The Manager, Faculty Student Services Office will determine the appeal in consultation with the appropriate staff.

The policy on Enrolment Appeals is available in the Admission and Enrolment Manual.


You may wish to seek help from the Student Guild or a Student Representative from your Faculty and discuss the matter with them. It is important you follow the deadline on this as you don't want to miss the start of classes if your appeal is overturned.

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