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Deferred Assessment Appeal


When a student receives notification that an application for a Deferred Assessment has been denied and feels the decision is unjustified, they can formally appeal the decision.


It is the responsibility of the Head of School (or delegate) to advise a student that an application for Deferred Assessment has been rejected. This advice must be sent in writing, either in hard copy or via the OASIS Official Communication Channel.

The advice is to be forwarded to the student within 3 calendar days of the Board of Examiners.

A student who is denied a Deferred Assessment may appeal to the relevant Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor.

The student’s appeal must be lodged in writing within 5 working days of being advised that the Deferred Assessment has not been approved.


The criteria for deferring an assessment are detailed in the Deferred Assessment section of the Assessment and Student Progression Manual.

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