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Admission or selection appeal


When a student receives notification that they have been denied admission or selection to the University, and they believe they have been unfairly treated or treated not in accordance with policy, they can formally appeal the decision.


If you have not been made an offer, you should initially raise your concerns with the Manager, University Admissions Centre or Manager, International Admissions (as appropriate). If your concerns cannot be satisfactorily resolved through these initial discussions, a formal appeal may be lodged.

A formal appeal must be submitted, in writing, within 10 working days of notification of the offer not being made. The written appeal should be lodged with the Manager, University Admissions Centre c/o Student Service Centre, Building 101, Bentley Campus; or Manager, International Admissions (as appropriate).

The appeal will be determined in consultation with the appropriate staff.

The policy on Admission Appeals is available in the Admission and Enrolment Manual.


The Guild's Student Assist department will help you to construct your letter, but be very clear on your reasons for appealing this decision. It is important you follow the time line for this appeal because if the decision is over turned and you are selected to attend Curtin, you don't want to miss the start of semester.

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