Getting started

Congratulations on accepting your offer and becoming a Curtin student!

Here are six important steps to make sure you get the best possible start on your Curtin journey. Take the time to read all the steps so you don’t miss out on anything.

Step one

Complete your enrolment using OASIS

To complete your enrolment, log in to OASIS (Curtin’s online portal for students) using your student number and password, and follow the EnrolNow process.

OASIS is also where you can view Official Communications (OCC) that we will send you from time to time, and is the best way to check your details and make sure they are up to date.

Step two

Order your Student ID

Get ahead and order your Student ID card online now. It’s easy and you can even choose your own photo.

You may need your Student ID to attend some of the events and activities during O-Week, so it’s a good idea to organise your ID now.

Step three

Start planning for Orientation Week

Orientation Week (O-Week) is how we welcome new students to the Curtin community and is your opportunity to get ready for your first semester. O-Week is compulsory, but you’ll be glad you came.

Check out the information below to get across what you need to know depending on where and how you’re studying with us.

Bentley Campus Orientation

If you’re going to be studying at the Bentley Campus, go to the Bentley Orientation page now to find out what is happening at the Bentley Campus during O-Week.

Kalgoorlie Campus Orientation

If you’re going to be studying at the Kalgoorlie Campus, go to the Kalgoorlie Orientation page now to find out what is happening at the Kalgoorlie Campus during O-Week.

Orientation for online students

If you’re studying with us as an online student, go to the Online Orientation page now to learn more about your online learning environment and the support services available to you.

Step four

Follow us on Facebook

Connect with our New to Curtin Facebook page now for useful tips and tricks from other students on how to have  a successful first semester at Curtin. We’ll also let you know about upcoming opportunities, workshops, and events.

Step five

Get to know your online tools

Using online systems is part of life when you’re studying. Curtin has it’s own specific online resources used by every student, such as Blackboard, iLectures and OASIS. Check out the eLearn website to discover some handy guides on these tools and apps.

Step six

Plan your first semester at Curtin

Whether you’re studying at the Bentley or Kalgoorlie Campuses, or online, it’s important to remember that Orientation doesn’t end after O-Week!

There are a range of activities and workshops running throughout semester that are designed to help you with everything from finding your way around, leadership and career advice, to study skills and time management.