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Enrolment load (study load)

When you enrol in units at Curtin you will have an enrolment load, or study load, that comprises credit points.  Typically, a unit at Curtin is worth 25 credit points, however it does vary - you will be able to check your units and the associated credit point weighting using eStudent in OASIS.

This enrolment load is directly related to the course you are enrolled in and is outlined in the Curtin courses handbook. 

The rest of this page contains information on:

Domestic students enrolment load

A full-time study load for the majority of our courses is equal to 75 credits or above. 

International students enrolment load

With the exception of a small number of courses* the enrolment load required under a DIBP-issued student visa is 100 credits per semester.

It is a formal requirement of the University and a condition of the student visa that all international students on student visas must maintain full-time enrolment at all times, unless formally permitted.

In limited circumstances, international students may be permitted to reduce their 100 credit full-time study load. Please see reasons for reduced study load, below.

Reduced study load

If you are a domestic student, you may be permitted to reduce your study load below full-time. Please speak to your Student Service Office for more information.

If you are an international student you can only lower your study load for compassionate or compelling reasons. To see a list of these reasons please click on the heading below.

If you are an international student, reducing your study load is only available in compassionate or compelling circumstances such as;

  • Bereavement of a family member
  • Serious illness or injury
  • Pre-requisites not having been met
  • You are in your final semester of study
  • An Intervention Strategy, if you have been put on conditional status.

Reduced study load request form

Students enrolling in less than 100 credits for any reason, including being enrolled in a course only requiring a 75 credit point study load, must first seek approval by submitting a Request to Enrol in Less than 100 Credits in the Current Semester form.

This form must be submitted for each compulsory semester/trimester where a student does not enrol in full-time study.

If you need to withdraw from units after the semester commences you must seek approval to reduce your study load before you withdraw from any units.