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Checking and confirming your enrolment

Regardless of whether you are enrolling for the first time, adding units or withdrawing from units, you are responsible for ensuring your enrolment record at Curtin is accurate. That means you must check you are enrolled in the correct units or that you are not enrolled in any units, as the case may be. Inaccurate enrolment will affect your academic record and your fee liability. For example, if you do not withdraw from a unit correctly, you will be liable for the fees and a fail grade will appear on your Academic Record.

You can check you enrolment by logging on to OASIS and following the links to eStudent.  You will be able to email yourself a copy of your Enrolment Advice.

The advice displays your name, address, course title and enrolled units.  If any of those details are incorrect contact your Student Services Office as soon as possible to rectify them.

The Enrolment Advice is accepted by University departments, the Student Guild and Centrelink as proof of enrolment.

“Student 2017” sticker

If you have a current enrolment in an academic course or subject offered by Curtin University and have a student identification number you are eligible for the Student 2017 sticker (students enrolled at Curtin International College or in Short courses at Curtin are not eligible). This may be used off campus as evidence of your enrolment to obtain student concessions.

To obtain a sticker follow these steps:

  1. First you will need a Student ID Card. If you have one, skip to step two. Otherwise, follow the procedure for obtaining a Student Identification (ID) Card. At the time all Student ID Cards are issued the Customer Service Officers will follow the steps below and save you coming back!
  2. Present your Student ID Card at your Student Service Office, Student Services or the Student Guild (proof of current enrolment, such as your Enrolment Advice, is essential at the Student Guild).
  3. The Curtin officer or Student Guild representative will confirm the Student ID card belongs to you and confirm you are enrolled in an academic course or subject offered by Curtin University (and that you are not a Curtin International College or Short course student).
  4. If you have an enrolment for at least Semester 1 of the year (or an equivalent study period) you are eligible for your sticker from the point of re-enrolment in the third week of November onwards in the year preceding your enrolment. If you have an enrolment in Semester 2 of the year only (or an equivalent study period) you are eligible for your sticker from the conclusion of the first semester examination period in the fourth week of June onwards.
  5. If eligible, the officer must apply the sticker to your Student ID Card. The sticker can not be affixed to any other card or item.  It is also tamper-evident and cannot be transferred to any other card.

This procedure will be the same each year and the sticker will be updated to reflect the new academic year.

Other official documents are available to confirm your enrolment if you require them.

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