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Changing your enrolment

After you have completed your initial enrolment you might have the need to change your enrolment (e.g. withdraw from a unit if you have failed a pre-requisite to enrol in another, or you need to change from internal to external). You can do this through eStudent in OASIS.

If you need to add or withdraw from a unit please check the Important Dates and Academic Calendar to make sure you do so within the prescribed time frame. Please be aware that the deadlines are set to protect you as a student and to comply with government legislation and therefore flexibility is not an option.

Before you amend your enrolment we recommend you consider your choice carefully.  The decision to add or withdraw units not only has an impact on your workload, but also has an impact on other aspects of your enrolment. 

Here are some important things you will need to know and consider. Contact your Student Services Office if you require further assistance.

Adding a unit or units

You can only add units for a short time after the study period commences.  The dates relevant to your enrolment are listed on the Academic Calendar.

Before you add (enrol in) units:

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Withdrawing from a unit or units

You may withdraw units from your current study period, without incurring penalties, until the relevant census date.  The dates relevant to unit withdrawal are listed on the Academic Calendar.

Please Note:

If the unit you are withdrawing from is a co-requisite of a unit that you are enrolled in, you will be withdrawn from both units.

You may still withdraw from your unit(s) of study for approximately 1 month after the census date with penalty. This period is known as the final period for withdrawal from units with penalty.

Please be advised that the withdrawal from any unit(s) during this period will be recorded on your academic record as "Withdrawn" (WD) and that you will still be liable for the relevant student contributions or tuition fees.

If you would like to receive special consideration after the census date for extenuating circumstances beyond your control that have impinged on your ability to fulfil or complete the requirements of your studies you may submit an application for a Refund and Remission of Fees. You are advised to visit the Refund and Remission of Fees web page to determine if your circumstances and situation are appropriate before submitting an application.

Before you withdraw from unit(s):

International students - amending enrolment

If you are an international student, the conditions of your visa preclude you from suspending your studies, therefore you should contact your Student Service Office (SSO) or the Student Advisor – International Student Visas on campus to discuss your options.

Your SSO will be able to advise you on whether you are permitted to withdraw from units and how that will affect your visa. Withdrawing or suspending your studies will affect your visa, and may extend you normal course duration, so you may require a new student visa to complete your course.

If you are granted permission to withdraw from a unit/ units, it is advised that you follow the advice outlines in before you withdraw.

Switching courses

If you do need to switch course your current student visa may not be long enough to cover your new course duration.

For example if you switch from a Bachelor of Commerce which is a three year degree to a Bachelor of Engineering which is a four year degree you would need to obtain a new student visa to cover the remaining year before your current visa expires.

You can check when your visa will expire on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP) Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) website.

You must apply for your new student visa before your current visa expires through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

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